• Pinetree Macro Charts 10 Feb 2024

    Nuclear Energy Is Making A Come Back Nuclear Energy is in vogue. Government targets on net zero along with a desire for greater energy security is leading to investment in new nuclear capacity. Uranium miners are direct beneficiary of this trend which is still in its infancy. US Equity Risk Premium At A 23 Year

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  • Pinetree Macro Charts 27 Jan 2024

    Electrification is our Macro Theme Ff The Decade Grid Strategies, a US consultancy, said that nationwide forecasts for electricity demand growth over the next five years had “shot up” from 2.6 per cent in 2022 to 4.7 per cent in 2023, in a report based on an analysis of utility filings to the Federal Energy

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  • Pinetree Macro Charts 13 Jan 2024

    Something To Keep An Eye On Chinese stocks now make up 24.7% of the MSCI Emerging Markets index by capitalization, down from 40% three years ago and about the same as late 2015 after the devaluation of the renminbi that August. China remains the biggest single country by market cap in the index, but India’s

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